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Rants About Sailor Moon

I hate the Senshi/Shitennoh pairings from Sailor Moon for the reasons stated in Fic Bitch's rant:

Yeah, the end part of that rant is fictional, but it is funny. I guess I could be biased because I preferred Nephrite/Naru and Zoisite/Kunzite in the original anime, but whatever. At least that was more genuine than the idea that all the Senshi must have their own boyfriend to be mushy with and horsewhip. Worse still, that shit has only gotten more popular recently. 'Tis always sad when so many people in the fandom love the pairings you hate. Oh well. Feel free to comment if you don't like those pairings either. If you do like them, fine but I don't care.

Otherwise, I am very happy that Viz has the rights to the original Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal, though I think some of their subs for Sailor Moon Crystal could be a bit better. It's just weird that they keep translating "youma" as "evil" instead of as "monster". When I watch the original anime, Viz translates "youma" as "monster". I don't know, it could just be choppy because Viz wants to sub SM Crystal as soon as possible so they can stream it for everyone. I think I like SM Crystal, but I am still not sure how I feel about that animation style.

Either way, I am grateful that Viz has picked up the series and is streaming it on hulu where we all can watch it. Or at least if you live in the United States. I am also very interested in seeing their new English dub. I liked how Viz's commercial had a caption that said "completely uncut" right over a screenshot of Haruka and Michiru holding hands and gazing at each other romantically! Yay, Viz is not incest-obsessed perverts who want to try to make them into cousins again. Horray for actual lesbians!

Also, my friend and I are totally laughing at all the people who think that Viz's new dub will ruin Dic and Cloverway's crappy dub for them. I doubt Viz has mind-control powers. Also, as a general rule, sometimes you got to realize that the thing you liked as a kid wasn't all the great. Plus it kind of annoys me when I see the same people who have been wishing for a re-release of Sailor Moon suddenly turn around and act like Viz is destroying their childhood. Learn to be grateful. I don't like people who were going on and on about how nice it would be if Sailor Moon go re-licensed in North America about a year ago and who are now turning around and hating on Viz. If the new dub sucks when it comes out, then you can say you don't like it but now we don't know how good it is beyond knowing it will be uncut.
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Re-Watching Doctor Who and Axis Powers Hetalia

Confession time: I cry like a baby at the end of Doomsday every time. You know why. I can't help it! And even though I know at least Rose gets a somewhat happier conclusion at Journey's End (may have to rant about that after I see it again)...yeah. Still sad.

Also, after going to a few Axis Powers Hetalia panels at a convention I got back into that show. Seasons 1-3 of APH and 1-6 of Doctor Who are on Netflix. Just a note, they took a lot of liberties with the script in the dub, so I think the dub actually has cruder humor than the original. That's quite a change because normally it's the other way around, with English dubs dumbing down and/or kid-fying Japanese anime. Interesting. Also, I really think most of APH is PG or PG-13 and only a few episodes fall under the MA category. Eh, whatever. I'm almost old enough to rent a car so I don't have to lie about my age on the interwebs anymore. Personally I plan to watch the dub and sub of APH. I guess I could watch APH to cheer myself up after doomsday, because god is it hilarious (and kind of disturingly accurate) that when Britain/England tries to summon the devil to curse Germany, he gets something even scarier: Russia.

Speaking of Netflix, if I get this job I'm interviewing for tomorrow, I will be able to afford to keep my Netflix subscription. I love that thing!